Welcome to Heather Oaks Farm!

Heather Oaks Farm is a beautifully quaint and clean farm, independently owned and operated by Bob and Maria Tracy. Bob and Maria, who fell in love and bonded over nature, have built a farm that will give each visitor a unique and memorable experience.

Heather Oaks Farm offers five varieties of naturally grown You-Pick Blueberries (not sprayed with chemicals), five varieties of Certified Organic Muscadine Grapes (certified through the State of Florida), free-range fresh eggs and Organic and Aquaponic vegetables.

Customers can place an order for Lettuce, Kale and Swiss Chard. Bob will grow the produce and two-weeks later, the order is ready for pick-up.

There are free-range chickens, sheep, horses, donkeys, pigs and other animals for visitors to interact with and coming soon, Heather Oaks Farm will also offer organic olive oil, pressed from Bob and Maria’s own olive trees!

Visit the farm for a local, healthy and family-friendly atmosphere. Bring your friends and family, too.

Farm Fresh Eggs

We always have a variety of fresh eggs for our customers to enjoy - visually and inside your belly! Farm fresh eggs are available daily. We have over 100 chickens laying dozens eggs daily in the hen house. There is a distinct visual and nutritional difference in farm...

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May 6th 2018 UPDATES: U-PICK BLUEBERRIES ARE  READY! We will be open Tuesday May 7th from 8:00am - 3:00pm Future daily hours available soon. FRESH TOMATOES COMING! The Tomatoes are starting to turn we should have them for sale later in the week. BOB's BBQ SATURDAYS:...

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Farm News

May 10th 2018 UPDATES:
We will be open Thursday May 10th from 8:00 am – Noon
The Blueberries are almost finished for the year, there are still berries to pick, however we do not believe there will be enough to open one or two days next week. We will keep you informed.

The Tomatoes are starting to turn we should have them available the week of May 14th.

When you bring family & friends for blueberry picking remember on Saturday’s Bob BBQ’s during blueberry picking season! You can have a yummy pulled pork sandwich, chips, cookie and water for only $5.
Also Maria makes a delicious blueberry, pomegranate BBQ sauce!

And of course our Farm Fresh Eggs, Quail Eggs and Honey
are available daily.  


“We grow all our produce using all natural technics with no pesticides.  Our honey bees thank us and we thank them for the pollination and the honey they provide us.   At our farm we like people to see what we grow and how we grow it before they eat it.”

– Heather Oaks Farm


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U-Pick Blueberries

Blueberry picking season usually runs end of March through April.

Our blueberries are naturally grown without the use of chemicals. While our blueberries are not certified organic, we DO NOT SPRAY the blueberry plants with chemicals. Families can enjoy the blueberry harvest without worrying about the affects of chemicals in their food.

Blueberries offer numerous health benefits and they freeze exceptionally well, so pick as many as you would like. Blueberry picking is the perfect outdoor activity for individuals, couples and families. Enjoy the natural beauty of our farm while spending time with your favorite people!

Varieties include:

  • Jewel: Fruit is large, light blue color, small scar with a slightly tart flavor.
  • Emerald: Fruit is very large and firm, medium blue color, with excellent flavor and a small scar.
  • Windsor: The fruit is very large- some larger than a quarter, excellent taste. These berries scar and are not sold in stores.
  • Spring High: Early maturing blueberry with large fruits.
  • Sweet Crisp

U-Pick Grapes

Grape picking season runs July through August.

Since 2011, Heather Oaks Farm has been growing Muscadine grapes. Our grapes are Certified Organic through the State of Florida. Grapes are a wonderful source of antioxidants.

Our five Muscadine varieties include: Carlos, Noble, Delicious, Triumph, Big Jumbo

Louisiana Iris

Heather Oaks Farm is the only farm in Florida to grow Louisiana Irises. There are over 250 color varieties available. While these are similar to the Bearded Iris, the Louisiana Iris is hearty and accustomed to the Florida temperatures. They will continue to bloom year after year.

Aquaponic Vegetables

Organic, aquaponic vegetables are available throughout the year. Some varieties include tomatoes, kale, lettuce, squash and peas. Customers can place an order for Bob’s Aquaponic vegetables and in about two weeks, the special order vegetables will be ready for harvest. Aquaponic growing systems utilize water rather than soil.

Farm Fresh Eggs

Farm fresh eggs are available daily. Over nine dozen eggs are laid daily in the hen house. There is a distinct visual and nutritional difference in farm fresh eggs versus mass-produced, grocery store eggs.


Our strawberries are grown in raised pots so you do not have to bend done to pick them.  The two varieties that we grow are Sweet Charlie and Radiance both a very sweet berry.  As with all our produce we grow them chemical free.


We are raising quail for egg production and meat.  The quail we raise are Golden Italian.  The quail are hatched on our farm and start laying eggs after eight weeks.


The breed of sheep at Heather Oaks Farm are a cross between Dorper and Katahdin.  We have a full blood Dorper ram with full blood Katahdin Ewes.  This cross breeding produces an excellent quality of meat.  We sell the offspring after weaning usually around six months, for their meat or breeding.

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